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⦅ Welcome ⦆

【 Welcome to OC-Tea! 】
↬ We're all about the art here ↫

Please ensure you read the rules and folder types before you submit your deviation. We currently have a two-per-week submission limit, so we don't want you to have to wait to get your art out there! Submissions can take between a few hours and a few days to be approved.

Everyone is allowed to join without having to ask, regardless of whether you have an OC or not. You can find the join button on the left side of the homepage in the 'Group info' section. You are immediately accepted into the group when clicking it!

We hope you have fun here with us, keep on arting!

Requests | Members & Affiliations

► Join requests are open, you will be automatically accepted! Just click the Join button, which can be found on the left side of this page ♡
► By joining us, you are agreed that you have read all information regarding submissions and rules.
► Affiliation groups are open to all groups that have similar focuses


► Be respectful to your fellow deviants and members! Rudeness will not be tolerated
► There is a zero tolerance policy for art theft. The submission will be removed from the gallery and the member permanently banned from the group.
► Please do not advertise on the front page, or submit advertisements. They will be hidden/declined.
► Any deviation you submit MUST state somewhere, either in the tags or in the Artist Comments, that your art contains an OC, or it could be declined.

What is an OC?

► OC stands for Original Character. It is defined by a character that you made for your personal use or for a project you're making. OCs are different from random characters in that OCs have a backstory and personality you gave them and you intend on remembering who they are, potentially using them again in the future. We do accept OCs, but not random characters.

► A variation on OCs would be FCs, which characters you made for an already existing series. These are welcome here too!

⦅ Yays & Nays⦆

Note that in order for a submission to be accepted, it has to explicitly state that it depicts one or more OCs either in the title, the description, or the tags. Tagging it with #oc always suffices!

If you have any questions about your submission or why your submission was declined, please send the group a NOTE with a link to your art, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


► Artwork depicting one or more OCs or FCs
► Art 100% made by you [including collabs]
► Submission into the correct folders
► Your best work


► Stolen art and reposts
► Art made using a base (the exception is reference sheets)
► Photography - UNLESS it's a high quality picture of a traditional illustration [Clarification]
► Things made with character makers/dress up games (ex. rinmaru games)
► Renders or traces of artwork you did not make
► WIPs (Works in Progress)
► Pornography or sexual nudity
► SFW fetishes (vore, hypnosis, BDSM, etc.)
► Literature, commission ads, etc.
► Variations of the same submission
► Adoptable sheets
► 3D models
► Rushed work/5 minute pieces
► Most MYO characters, closed/semi closed species, species/breeds/races that were not created by you


► Your pet
► Real life people
► Self insert characters
► Public domain characters
► Random characters you don't intend to use again
► Your friends and family, or alternate interpretations of them
► Alternate interpretations or AUs of already existing canon characters


► We are NOT a group focused on high quality submissions ◄

► That being said, we only ask that you submit your best work. No five minute submissions, please!
► That also being said, 90% of the time if your submission is put into the correct folder AND follows all of the rules, it will be accepted.
► Submissions that will be rejected include poorly scanned/photographed pieces, and pieces that are 60% blank space (we suggest cropping your image in that case).

⦅ Submission Folders ⦆

Please ensure you read these thoroughly before submitting. If you are unsure, please send a note to the group with a link to your deviation, and we will assist you.

Current folders:

A folder showcasing the best of the best. Members cannot make submissions to this folder but admins can move artwork of superior quality to this folder to showcase it.

〚Reference Sheets and Bios〛
This folder contains any sort of reference sheet or biography of an OC, regardless if if they're an OC or an FC. The picture itself has to be in a reference sheet format; if only the description is this isn't the folder for it.

〚Other People's OCs〛
Any commission, art trade, contest entry, request, gift, and anything else depicting someone else's OC(s). If a piece depicts both your OC and someone else's OC, it goes here as well! 

〚Fan Characters]〛
This folder goes both for fan characters on their own and fan characters together with a canon character. 

〚Comic Pages and Covers〛
Regardless of whether it's a oneshot or a page of your webcomic, any art with multiple panels goes into this folder.

〚Humans and Humanoids〛
Any art depicting one or more original OCs that are humans or humanoids, for example humans, trolls, fairies, demons, etc. This does not include anthros and furries, though kemonomimies fit in both this and the anthro and furry folder.

〚Anthro and Furries〛
Any art depicting one or more original OCs that are an anthropomorphic animal, object, or concept. Kemonomimies fit both here and in the humans and humanoids folder. 

〚Ferals and Animals〛
Any art depicting one or more original OCs that are an animal, no matter if they're intelligent or regular, existing or ficional. This can be anything as long as it walks on four (or more) feet, so mythological OCs are welcome here as well!

〚Other Species and Mixed Groups〛
If you're not sure about which category your OC would fit into, this would be the ideal folder. Examples would be monsters who aren't quite humanoid, sphinxes, and taurs.

〚Mature Content〛
Anything that has a mature content filter goes onto this folder. We will never accept explicit porn or fetish artwork, but things like artistic nudity, gore, and pinups are accepted.

► If you do not see a category that fits your submission, please feel free to suggest a new folder via note to the group.
► Please send us a note if a folder becomes full!
All folder rules are in their respective folders, PLEASE ensure you read them before submitting

We're open again!

Sat Oct 22, 2016, 1:03 AM by ElithianFox:iconelithianfox:
Hey everyone!

OC-Tea is officially open again! You can make submissions to our folders once again and they shouldn't take as long as before to be accepted into the group.

Please make sure to read our updated guidelines on the frontpage to avoid any submissions from being declined! It's easier for both yourself and us if every submission follows the guidelines and we can include every one into our gallery.

The current submission limit is set at three per week, but if our inbox gets too busy again we may reduce this number. We do recommend that if you plan on making these three submissions, you spread them out over a few days to give us admins the time to go through all submissions.

Thank you for your patience, and let's hope the group runs smoothly from here on out!

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⦅ Friendly Neighborhood Admins ⦆


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I accidentally placed my artwork on other species and mixed groups (still on review tho)
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Hello I would like to submit my OC characters but i dont draw any myself, I hire people to draw my characters for me, is that allowed? =)
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Hey, if any1 wants me 2 try 2 draw their OC, just ask! I'm not very good, but I want to improve my skill, so I thought up this idea! All credit will go 2 u!
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Monipue Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I cannot join the group - is it closed atm? ^^
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Can't seem to submit anything while I'm a member
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